Hi everybody, I’m Mincong. Here’s a list of projects I’ve done in my work or in my spare time.

For the “effort” size, my definition is:

  • S: less than 20 hours
  • M: 20 hours to 100 hours
  • L: more than 100 hours

Personal Blog SEO Improvement

I’ve been writing blog posts for two years now, but the visits are very low. This project aims to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Google Search. It includes the understanding of Jekyll, adding crawlers-friendly’s files (robots.txt, sitemap.xml), collect user search queries, improve the title and meta description of blog posts, add structured data, etc. For more detail, see my blog post: SEO: Improve Blog Ranking in Google Search

# Description
Date July 2018
Effort S
Type Personal Project
Tags jekyll, seo, google-search-console

Gitty Server

Gitty server is a lightweight Git server written in Java. It is fast and reliable: it can be started in less than 1 second and can host 1000+ Git repositories without problem. It contains two components: Git and RESTful API. The Git component is implemented using JGit HTTP Server. The API component is implemented by Jersey 1.0 (JAX-RS 1.0). Both components are hosted inside a Jetty container. As a Git server, Gitty supports all Git operations. It also contains customized data detection logic.

# Description
Date March 2018 - June 2018
Effort M
Type Company Project
Tags git, java, jgit, jax-rs, jersey